Computer Services

In addition to web design, search engine optimization, digital marketing and application development, we also offer miscellaneous computer services such as: file recovery, hard drive destruction, equipment donation to non-profits, malware removal and computer repair.

File Recovery

It happens. Your hard drive is fried, your computer won’t start, your thumb drive appears to be erased or re-formatted and you have important files that you need recovered.  In many cases, we can recover these files, even after you’ve formatted the disk or drive. If we can’t recover the files, there is no charge.  Use the contact form below to contact us for these services.

Hard Drive Destruction

You have sensitive data and you want to make sure the data on your hard drive is not recoverable, even by IT professionals.

If you want to re-use the hard drive, we can perform a soft-destroy that utilizes a 35 pass re-write to overwrite the data until even file recovery software and procedures can’t recover even a simple text file.  The disk is then reformatted and returned to you to use as you need it.

If you simply want the data and the disk destroyed, we can take care of that too.

Equipment Donation to Non-profits

You might have equipment such as computers, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, routers or switches that you no longer need and would like to put to good use.  We can evaluate the hardware, determine its value and find a non-profit that needs it.  The non-profit receives equipment it needed at no cost and you or your company receives a tax-exempt donation receipt from the non-profit you donated the equipment to.  We do not charge any party for this service as it is part of the way we serve the community.

Malware Removal

We recommend free anti-malware software which has a proven track record of success and costs you nothing.  If for any reason the malware continues to return, we can either remove it or reinstall your operating system.  We are skilled with Linux, Windows, Android and Apple operating systems.

Computer Repair

Whether its a hard drive, memory, power supply or other hardware issue, we can repair your computer at a reasonable cost.  If the repairs are cost-prohibitive, we can recommend a new system and it some cases, donate the usable parts on your behalf to a non-profit.  Everyone wins!

Contact Us

Any issues that are small today are likely to become big problems tomorrow.  Contact us today to get your issues resolved before they become a liability.

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