Cyber Security Audit – Proactive Cyber Threat Mitigation

A thorough cyber security audit will assist in determining your organization’s resiliency to cyber threats, common human errors, and adherence to industry best practices.  It will also help you develop and/or refine your IT policy.  The recommendations made at the conclusion will help harden your system against attacks and improve information security.

Murray IT Consulting uses specialized software installed on our servers to simulate real-world attacks against your systems.  We generate reports to list the vulnerabilities and recommended actions to close vulnerabilities.

Controlled Phishing Attempts to Test Your Employees

Humans continue to be the weakest link in information systems, especially with the prevalence of spam and phishing attacks.  We have the ability to create a customized phishing campaign to test your employees’ response, provide you with the results, and then provide training afterwards.  Employees who have received this test and training are less likely to click on suspicious emails in the future.

Information Security Audit

Reduce the Threat of Cyber Threats!

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