Non-profit IT Consulting

Non-profits provide vital services to our communities and often do so with limited resources.  Donated funds must first be spent on mission critical items such as staff, training, utilities, and the products or services they distribute, such as car seats, food, water, and support.  Spending on IT is often not an option and when it is, every dollar spent on IT is a dollar not spent on the mission.

In the words of Carla Olson, Executive Director at the Parenting Cottage:

“IT tends to get shuffled to the side until one day it bites you in the butt and you say, ‘Oh my God,’ ” she said. “He (William Murray) set out and put an IT plan together with the thought that there’s not a lot of money. He was very thoughtful in his process that those are the things you need without all the bells and whistles.”

Murray IT Consulting has been assisting non-profits in the Greater Lubbock area since 2003, donating thousands of hours of labor consulting, implementing, and supporting technology solutions. There are low-to-no cost solutions available to non-profits needing software, hardware, and even expertise.  Connecting those resources to the non-profits needing them is where we come in.

We can meet with you and your team to help evaluate your needs at no cost with no commitment.  Gather a list of pain points, your wish list, and contact us today to get started!