Many business use search engine marketing (SEM) to advertise their company, products, and services on the results pages of search engines, such as Google or Bing.  While this is a great practice to increase visibility and get your name out in front of potential customers, it is often thought to be cost-prohibitive for non-profits.

Until now.  Introducing, Google Ad Grants.

Google has a program just for non-profits in which your organization can apply to receive up to $10,000 a month in advertising credit!  It’s called Google Ad Grants.

Google Ad Grants for Non-profits


Google Ad Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords, Google’s online advertising tool. Google Ad Grants empowers nonprofit organizations, through $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords™ advertising, to promote their missions and initiatives on Google search result pages. – Google

Need more information on Google Grants?  Google has provided a quick intro to Google Grants which you can view below.  Ready to get started on your own?  Visit to get started.  Need support?  Contact us to get started!

You can also signup for TechSoup’s free webinar to learn more about how to use this great program at


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